Dimeintell workspace is the AI powered business intelligence engine that makes your life easier and your monthly close process more efficient.



DimeRec is a General Ledger balance reconciliation tool that automates and simplifies the monthly accounting close process.

What makes DimeRec different to other products in the market is its unparalleled use of automation that reduces work of an accountant by at least 50% and drives efficiency and productivity.

Accountants can now devote their time into something more cardinal owing to the time saved by DimeRec


DimeXplain is essentially a variance analysis tool for the senior management on the movement of balances in GL, elucidating the reason for the movements.

The automation engine in DimeXplain explains most of the recurring variance reasons by itself, ergo the accountant focuses only on the most critical variances.

The inbuilt AI constantly learns from the accountant's actions and behaviors every month and improves its automation like no other tool.


DimeStow is a one of its kind data storage application within DimeIntell. The audit work papers, documentation and supporting will be digitally attached to the financial statements for use at a future date.

The biggest differentiator of DimeStow compared to the industry standard is its unique ability to confirm if the work paper uploaded is the final version and matches with the signed financial statements.


DimeFS is a financial statement preparation automation tool. It has the capability and computational power to prepare and publish visually appealing and accurate financial statements in Ind AS, Non IndAS, IFRS, US GAAP etc.

It is always up to date on a country specific latest rule, regulation and notification that impacts the disclosures, presentation and classification in a financial statement.

The inbuilt AI engine suggest users the industry best practices and changes affected by a modification in a particular rule, regulation or legislation in that country.